Preaching Christ Crucified

My thanks to Martin Downes for posting this excellent quote:

I came across the following helpful comment on preaching Christ by Sinclair Ferguson:

We do not preach “the atonement” as such, or “salvation,” “redemption,” or “justification” as such, but Jesus Christ and him crucified. These blessings were accomplished by Christ and are available only in Christ, never abstracted from him. We must learn to avoid the contemporary plague of preaching the benefits of the gospel without proclaiming Christ himself as the Benefactor in the gospel.

We do not offer people abstract blessings (peace, forgiveness, new life) as commodities. Rather we preach and offer Christ crucified and risen, in whom the blessings become ours and not otherwise. We preach the person in the work, never the work and its blessings apart from the Saviour himself.

“Preaching the Atonement” in The Glory of the Atonement (Hill & James, eds), p. 437

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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