Parakletos Support Ministry

Parakletos Support Ministry: helping to advance the Kingdom of God through bible teaching

The ministry of Peter Cockrell serves to encourage, teach and train Christian leaders in the poorer and persecuted regions of the world.


My passion is to see healthy local churches enjoying God’s grace and living for his glory. I am committed to the primacy of anointed expository preaching and bible teaching as the chief means the Lord uses to gather and grow his people.  ‘Parakletos Support Ministry’ is the name of the new ministry set up to identify and facilitate Peter’s ministry. In the New Testament, ‘The Paraklete’ is the name given to the Holy Spirit, whose ministry, among others, is to come along side in order to help the believer. This is exactly how the ministry is developing – drawing along side in order to help! Much of this ‘helping’ is focused on Christians in the poorer and persecuted regions of the world. Things are getting worse for our brothers and sisters around the world, particularly in East Africa and Asia. Peter’s input into Bible Colleges and Churches has the aim of encouraging and strengthening those believers who suffer for Christ.

Peter is now based in Essex, UK, where, when not travelling, he helps local pastors by mentoring and teaching. Most of the ministry comes under the banner of OC International, with whom Peter is an Associate Missionary. 

One particular vision Peter has is to provide theological literature for a Bible College in Rangoon, Burma, where he teaches. Any help on this front would be wonderful.

All that Peter does to serve the Body of Christ is a faith venture, so your prayer backing is very much appreciated. When at home in the UK he is available for preaching and teaching.

Peter can be contacted via e-mail:

17 thoughts on “Parakletos Support Ministry

  1. Peter, great to hear from you. This is my first time to (?) blog or visit a blog or whatever it is you do with a blog. Been fun poking around a bit. Anxious to hear about new ministries. Love to Emma and Girls, James.

  2. lot of people are finding your website by the amazing grace Whitney is wonderful and doing so many good things. I live in US in reformed church PCUSA although I have a heart for seeing a Holy Spitit revival of the Charismatic expereinece that broke out in the mainline denominations back in the 70’s something must have happened where we dropped the ball that that didn’t continue. My heart has been to see a revivial of the flames of fire for our motherland os scotland ireland and UK the birth place of the Reformation now marginalized on the outskirts of the Body of Christ at least from the way it seems from accounts that filter in to us here in the US. not to mean we don’t have our problems too we need revival in this nation also and that comes through a new Awakening of the HOLY SPIRIT in our nation. God bless good to see reformed and Spirit being talked about maybe He is moving. God bless

  3. Hi Pete,
    YOu know my heart on ‘Parakletos’. Great to see it in ‘print’ Haven’t explored the whole site yet but what I have is just great. talk to you soon

  4. the true gospel is headen to the lost.only revealed to babes.not many who call themselves beleavers who dont accept to be correctet yet they have come from the corupted gospel sorces.teach this first true gospel and you will have no following.but as few that we are that proclaim the true gospel count me one of you here in kenya eldoret to preach to the poor in spirit yet hungry of the word not water nor food.welcome if you trust and believe you are christs and not worldlyfull.

  5. praise the lord please keep me on your eamiling list i need the song amazing grace shalom john ebenezer,pastor India

  6. great website, i have read most of the stuff and i cant have it all. i cant get enough, it is so inspiring. Meeting you in Uganda was the greatest gift from God this season. May God continue blessing you.
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    joe, nairobi kenya

  7. Thank you for your decision of to train the Pastors about the Word…And I,after to get a Diploma in theology by THE WORD MINISTRIES INT.UK
    I need to get a degree. Can you visit me and open the Bible college of Diploma level in Rwanda, Kigali city?
    My God bless you.

  8. I am very much blessed to hear that you are doing great ministry in Burma and Africa by teaching Local Churches and Pastors.

    Sir, Do you have any planning for Nepal to Visit and Encourage Pastors and Evangelist to extend the Kingdom of Christ in Nepal?

    Waiting your response:

  9. Respected man of God,
    Parakletos Ministries
    Peter Cockrell

    Warm Greetings to you in Jesus name from Nepal.

    Sir, when I see your Ministry websites I was blessed by yours Ministry.

    I am very much blessed too to hear that you are doing great ministry in Burma and Africa by teaching Local Churches and Pastors overthere.

    Sir, Do you have any planning for Nepal to Visit and Encourage Pastors and Evangelist to extend the Kingdom of Christ in Nepal?
    There is a great need of your teaching and your encouragements Trainings for Nepali Leaders to built and establish Healthy Churches.

    Waiting your response:
    Ruben Rasaili
    Smyrna Church of Nepal.

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