Dr. Peter Cockrell

Peter is an Associate Pastor based in Essex, UK, where he has responsibilities for preaching and teaching. He also serves as a director of OC UK, an international global mission agency. Peter’s itinerant bible teaching ministry takes him to East Africa, SE and central Asia, and the Middle East.

Peter’s doctoral research has enabled him to serve and equip pastors in Tanzania through the establishing of Gospel Partnerships. When home, he mentors a number of leaders and works as a prison chaplain; his passion is to see the centrality of the gospel transforming lives and churches.

Peter is married to Emma, and they are very proud grandparents!

‘Already Not Yet’ is shorthand for the between-the-times experience of living in the Kingdom of God, now. ‘Already’, through accepting Christ and receiving his Spirit, and ‘not yet’ because this foretaste of heaven is partial and lived-out in an imperfect, fallen world. God’s purposes in redemption are inaugurated but not yet consummated. Power in weakness describes this tension perfectly, preventing triumphalism, on the one hand, and defeatism on the other.

The gospel inspires and drives all I do!


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  1. Andrew,

    My sister-in-law recently sent me ‘Amazing Grace’ I was very touched by it. But what really caught my eye was your quote, “Reformed Theology and Charismatic Experience belong together.” Having about a year ago making a decision to see what the ‘other side’ had to say about predestination I read a book by RC Sproul. After reading it and studying the Scriptures had to change my views on the matter. My problem has been that I have not been able to find any charismatis with the same view of Scripture. How refreshing it was to come upon your sight…am looking forward to digging in and seeing what you have to say.

    His Servant,


  2. Great to be introduced to your page(s). How important it is to encourage Evangelicals to realize that sensitive Charismatics have the same urgency in proclaiming the full Gospel. We have a great and mighty Gospel given to us by the Lord to communicate to the whole world – it can only be done in unity. There were numerous opinions in Jerusalem on the first Day of Pentecost – they were together with one purpose in one place. This resulted in them all being filled with the Holy Spirit.

  3. Hello Peter….I am truly enjoying your site, excellent reading, I grew up from the age of 7 in Aveley Essex and lived close to a Peter Cockerll, would you be the same person.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Greetings from Alaska!

    I found your blog when someone emailed a link to “Amazing Grace: Just the Black Notes” to my wife.

    I am a pastor in rural Alaska for all of 10 months now. I look forward to reading more as you continue to blog.

    Radar – aka Bill

    • Just wanted to encourage the pastor in rural Alaska. Your work as you know is greatly needed! Praise God for your willingness to go. I am from Alaska now living in the Uk.

  5. Hi Peter,
    It’s amazing to be in grace of the Lord. Each and everyday we should be grateful for his love towards us. I am not a pstor but a servant of the most High in Christ Jesus. I pray that you will continue to get the good news out to all.

  6. There are a lot of folks who are Reformed and Charismatic. Many are “Secret Service” Charismatics because of the resistence of so many clergy. It is the best way to fully integrate theology and life, something that is rarely seen in Christian circles.

    I suggest that a fully integrated life includes God’s truth, His Fruit and His Gifts. I am a social scientist who finds the Bible and God’s approach to life the most intellectually and practically satisfying way to live as a person. As a Family Therapist I would be lost without the Love/Fruit of God to teach and practice and His Gifts to bring healing within between people in pain.

    An agnostic Psychologist sent me on my journey to revitalize the Christian message in 1969 when he said, “The early Christian church was the most powerful community of healing the world has ever known.” I decided to dedicate my life to restoring the churches of Christ to that state as healing-growth communities.

    To restore the churches to our birthright we must preach, teach and practice the whole cousell of God and live in His truth, fruit and power. Any time we even get close to balancing those three legs of the stool growth and healing will flourish.

    Thanks for promoting the balance in GB.

  7. Who says spirituality is for the unschooled? Learn all you can for you will only see the awesome power and beauty of God the more clearly as you do. If you don’t see it yet, you haven’t learned enough yet. I loved the song “Amazing Grace” long before I became a Christian and now I have a better idea as to why it speaks to so many. Thank you, Peter, for posting “Just the Black Notes.” I found your blog when a friend forwarded the video to me, and I plan to come back and learn some more. God bless you on your journey.

    Diane L. Harris

  8. Fantastic site you have here (and a nice, clear, easy-to-read layout). I stumbled onto your site while just viewing other WordPress blogs and I reallyenjoy your passion for expository preaching and keeping the Gospel central. Look forward to many more clicks here in the future.

  9. Wintley Phipps has given new meaning to negro spirituls. I saw the entire presentation by him regarding the slave scale, and black keyes. I am so blessed. When I heard him, I broke down and wept uncontrolably.

    He has one of the most powerful annointings that I have ever seen on an individual. Thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson about the black keys. I don’t know what ese to say.-except thank you Peter so much for your great website and for sharing so much.

    In His Love and Service
    Arlene Aguilar

  10. Dear Brother

    I am John Victor from Pakistan. I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True word of God. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu languages and into Punjabi language as well. Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. I my self, work on a local radio station also. Many times it becomes difficult for us to keep doing this because of being minorities and because of the lack of the financial resources. I will wait for your response.
    John Victor johnvictor95@yahoo.com

  11. I was truly blessed with this black keys , it blessed me in a way that i cannot explain it, i was going thro something and as i viewed that site and relize God’s grace and mercy i was relieved. thank you so much but mainly thank you GOD

  12. Congratulations on 2,000,000 hits Peter! Wow, you certainly are one of the ‘big boys’ in the blogosphere. 😉 Thanks for continuing to point your readers to Christ with your posts. Keep ’em coming!


  14. I am very glad to have found your site ! I just joined WordPress yesterday. Thank you for this great ministry.
    Btw i’m not ‘the’ Gloryteller, only one of them =) , but i thought of this name last year.

  15. Dear beloved Director of the Parakletos Ministries
    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted Name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! It is really a great privilege that God has given us to be able to meet you through this e-mail and share with you about our Ministry in India. Please let us introduce ourselves to you that we are a team of pastors with a great zeal and enthusiasm to extend the Kingdom of God in India. Our aim is to visit every nook and corner of the Indian villages, and to promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. We really hope to see a great deal of harvest in the coming days.

    Our ministry is mainly based on Gospel work in rural, tribal, and slum areas. We visit a number of villages in a month to proclaim the Gospel. India is a country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians have over 9
    Million ” Gods”. And Christianity in India is considered to be the religion Of the lowest community. Christians have no honour in the society. They are not allowed to live together with the people of the higher community. They are considered to be “untouchables”. So they live in their huts on the outskirts of the villages. They work as labourers in the fields for the landlords. They really depend on their potluck. It is because of the poverty and illiteracy.

    We have our co-workers in different villages. We all work together for the extension of the Kingdom of God. All of our co-workers are very poor. They have no proper shelters and no permanent church buildings. We gather in verandas and in the corners of the streets. at nights. The workers have their families to care for while they go on the Gospel work. Many days a month they face hunger. Our ministry really consists of a lifestyle of starvation, anxieties, rebellions, mockeries, etc. But we are persistent in the Gospel work to save perishing souls. If there is a monthly support for our co-workers, their families will be
    looked after, and they can go in to the ministry more effectively.

    We are extending our warm welcome to you to come to our region in
    India to conduct seminars, crusades and conventions.
    If you kindly write me your convenient date, we will arrange the meetings. We really need your influence to bless us in our ministry. Our co-workers are regularly and with a great burden, fully praying to God to send any Mighty Man like you to India to share the word of God to Indian people through seminars, crusades and conventions.

    We are regular victims of natural calamities such as cyclones, floods and fire accidents, which take away every year a number of lives and make the children orphans. At such times we bring some of the orphans to us and look after them by collecting money from our local people.
    At present we are looking after 35 orphan children. When we found them they were in a very pathetic condition. They continually cried for their lost parents. Some midnights many of them got up and cried
    bitterly for their lost mother and father. It was beyond our level to console them. They are gradually getting accustomed to our love and care. We have to provide the orphans with clothes, feed them
    twice a day, send them to school, buy their educational material, and pay their medical bills. Now a day the prices have gone up so high that a common man cannot reach them. In such a condition we are unable to feed the orphans and meet their needs properly. If we forsake them to
    Their fate, their precious lives will be ruined. In this regard, we approach you for your kind charity and generousity to wipe out the continual stream of tears on their tender cheeks, and to fill their little bellies with a little food. If you could kindly find a sponsor to support them every month, we will be ever grateful to you. Please
    have compassion on them.

    In a very needy condition, we look unto you for your kind involvement. As we have shared with the orphan children about this letter to you, they have already started to pray that Our Heavenly Father may bring you their way.

    We very hopefully and prayerfully await your kind and favorable letter. All our co-workers, Church people, and orphan children are sending their hearty greetings to you and your family.

    I am waiting for your reply whole heartedly. I am
    expecting soon reply in this regard. Thanking you.
    Yours together for the Lord’s work in India,
    Pastor s.christopher

    Greetings from pastors from India. We are extending our warm welcome to you to come to our region India to visit orphan children and conduct seminars, crusades and conventions.

    • Dear Pastor Christopher,
      As soon as I am in a position to process this request I will get back to you.
      Every blessing,

  16. God continues to use your post of “The Black Keys”. It was just sent to me and I had no idea there were others who had combined Reformed Theology and The Charistic Renewal. I am grateful to you and greatly blessed by God.

  17. Hello Peter,

    I thought you and some readers might be interested in my new book:

    It contains a chapter on the use of art and poetry in mission at West Street Baptist Church.
    There are poems on using humour to cope with ill-health.
    Two chapters stimulate thought on poetry and prophecy, and poetry and wisdom.
    There are two further chapters of interest to your readers, one on poetry as theological reflection, and a further chapter on restoring the use of poetry in church life.
    ISBN 978-1-780033-617-5
    Brighton, UK: Pen Press Publication.
    £7.99p 280 pages. p/b.
    Tel 0845 108 0530

    All proceeds are for Christian mission.
    I am hoping and praying that the book will be an encouragement to readers’ faith, and contribute to practical theology and Christianity and the arts.



  18. Not sure how I found your blog, but I sure glad I did. We are in Stowmarket if you are ever in the area. My husband pastors a Grace Baptist church there. So good to read your spiritual insights. Thank you!

  19. Hello Peter,
    I am an Accountant getting excited (!) about being Reformed and Charismatic. Your blog has whetted my appetite for more. In my country, India, we have some way to go as the two camps are still far apart and separated by walls as high as the Himalayas but we are praying for a miracle and giving ourselves to the task of bringing them together. Thank you for what you are doing! I blog at shillongsojourner.blogspot.com.

  20. Hi Peter, I do hope that your enthusiasm for sharing the Gospel never changes!Persecution will come to us from many sources; even friends and family! Keep telling us about our King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. Blessings to you. Timothy

  21. Good afternoon, I recently found the Triune image (the one on this site) online and I’m respectfully requesting permission to use as a Logo.

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