2 thoughts on “Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel

  1. John Piper is great. I really wish the phase ‘prosperity gospel’ could be redeemed because it is important to say that the good news of Jesus Christ does prosper you but not in the way that is imply by the churches described in this video. The gospel should transform your thinking, it should help you to be more patient, more loving, know more peace, be more joyful not to mention the prosperity that is an eternity with God, and these things are not found in wealth and riches. Can you truly know joy without suffering and peace without conflict? Encountering Christ should make you a better husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter, boss or employee. I suppose we have to remind ourselves also as to who ultimately prospers from the gospel as we can quickly delight ourselves in successes instead of reflecting how they were made possible. I feel that it is our redeemed lives that should be for Christ benefit, His name known, His glory revealed, Him worshiped and adored. Any prospering in this world has been returned to Christ and when this occurs I am convinced you’ll not prosper in the ways these churches suggest.

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