My Sanctification In Redemptive History

Tony Reinke: Even if we take personal holiness seriously as believers (and we should), we often lose sight of how our personal sanctification fits into a much larger redemptive storyline that stretches all the way back to creation and stretches forward into eternity. One of the strengths of Kevin’s new book The Hole In Our Holiness is a focus on this storyline (see pages 38–47). I asked him to summarize it, and explain why it matters, in the following clip (6 minutes):   Here’s a full list of clips from our 7-part interview series with Kevin DeYoung on The Hole In Our Holiness — What’s the Hole in Our Holiness? My Sanctification in Redemptive History The Imitation of Christ The Most Neglected Theme in Sanctification The Many Motivators For Personal Holiness Extraordinary Holiness Through Four Ordinary Means How Far Is Too Far Before Marriage?

Union With Christ: One of the Secrets of Sanctification

Tony Reinke: What is union with Christ? And how does this union help us advance in personal holiness? We asked J. I. Packer recently, and he answered in this rich 9-minute video:   Transcribed Excerpt: “[As a Christian] you have to face a great deal of opposition from the world, the flesh, and the devil. But as the new creatures that you are in Christ — risen with him, with the power of his resurrection mediated through the Holy Spirit into the actual living of your life — you can stand fast. You pray for power to stand fast. You set yourself to stand fast. And you find that you are standing fast. In his strength you can do it. And this is one of the secrets of sanctification, the secret which I would say matches, balances, and complements what we were saying earlier on about mortification (draining life out of sinful desires, urges, and lusts). . . . [Union with Christ]

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