The Book of Galatians in 30 Tweets

  By David Mathis: Paul is en fuego in his letter to the Galatians. He’s flaming with a righteous apostolic anger. Best advice perhaps is don’t try this at home. But do read it at home. Hear it preached. Study it. Write about it. Even tweet it. Whatever it takes to have Paul’s blazing fire warm the coals of your love for Jesus and for his gospel of grace. Here’s installment number four in tweeting Paul’s epistles. We started with Romans. Then 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians. Now batting: The Book of Galatians. For starters, here’s a one-tweet summary of the letter: Jesus’s astounding grace is to be admired and appreciated, not added to. #Galatians What follows are 29 more designed to walk you through six red-hot, gospel-rich chapters, each with a Galatians hashtag. Grab a Twitter account and help us get #Galatians trending today, if you would. Here’s the full slate of Galatians tweets we’ll be dispensing throughout the morning: Chapter 1 Jesus gave himself

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