5 Ways the Ascension Benefits You

Steve Mathewson: Forty days after Jesus’s resurrection, the biblical storyline takes a remarkable turn: Jesus disappears. “He was taken up before their very eyes,” Luke tells us, “and a cloud hid him from their sight” (Acts 1:9). Two angels then tell the disciples that Jesus was “taken into heaven” (Acts 1:11) So what do we make of this plot twist in the Bible’s story? How should we understand our crucified and risen Lord’s ascension? Michael Horton observes that we typically “treat the ascension as little more than a dazzling exclamation point for the resurrection rather than as a new event in its own right.” Yet the ascension is a vital part of the redemption story. If we simply collapse the ascension into the resurrection, we miss stunning benefits tied directly to Jesus being taken into heaven. Here are five ways the ascension of Jesus benefits us. 1. It establishes Jesus as the reigning king over all powers in all ages. Ephesians 1:20–21 speaks

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5 Things the Ascension Means

Jared Wilson: Ascension Day is traditionally marked on the 40th day after Easter Sunday [last Thursday]. The doctrine of Christ’s ascension has many implications. Here are just five. 1. Jesus is really alive. The reality of Christ’s ascension, inextricable from the resurrection event, tells us that he did not raise from the dead only later to die again like Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter, the widow of Nain’s son, Eutychus, or Tabitha. Jesus’ body will not be found because he took its glorified tangibility to heaven. 2. Heaven is thicker than earth. We tend to think of heaven as the ethereal place of disembodied spirits. And in a way it is. But Elijah is there. And Enoch. And so is the risen, glorified, incarnate Christ. Jesus is there, taking up material space. He is touchable, present. Clearly, heaven is not less real than earth but more. It is a thicker reality than our four-dimensional space, more vibrant, more colorful, more real. 3. God’s plan for

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The Benefit of Christ’s Ascension

“Q.49. HOW DOES CHRIST’S ASCENSION TO HEAVEN BENEFIT US? A. First, he pleads our cause in heaven in the presence of his Father. Second, we have our own flesh in heaven – a guarantee that Christ our head will take us, his members, to himself in heaven. Third, he sends us his Spirit to us on earth as a further guarantee. By the Spirit’s power we make the goal of our lives, not earthly things, but the things above where Christ is, sitting at God’s right hand.” – The Heidelberg Catechism, Question # 49 (HT: Of First Importance)

The Endless Diverse Excellencies of Christ

From Jared Wilson: Taken from a sermon by John Piper titled, “How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice.” Christ is supreme because… He is God’s final revelation He is the heir of all things He is the creator of the world He is the radiance of God’s glory He is the exact imprint of God’s nature He upholds the universe by the word of His power He made purification for sins He sits at the right hand of the Majesty He is God enthroned forever with the scepter of uprightness He is worshiped by angels His rule will have no end His joy is above all other things in the universe He took on human flesh He was crowned with glory and honor because of his suffering He was the founder of our salvation He was made perfect in all of his obedience by his suffering He destroyed the one who had the power of death He delivered

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The revelation of Jesus Christ

My thanks to Dave Bish (great to meet you in Louisville Dave) for this. Here is the testimony of one truly caught up to paradise. See previous post! The revelation of Jesus Christ He is the faithful witness, reliably revealing what will happen. He is the firstborn from the dead, his resurrection brings ours. He is the ruler of the kings of the earth, they all stand accountable to him. He loves us. He freed us from our sins by his blood, taking our punishment, cleansing us. He made us a kingdom, over which he is king. He made us priests to God the Father, and we may boldly approach. He owns glory and rule over all things forever, he is incomparable. He is coming with the clouds, he will return. He will be seen by every eye, even those who pierced him. He will cause all to wail, the light who exposes our sin. He is the beginning and

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Calvin on Applying the Ascension of Christ

My thanks to Justin Taylor for this: “Thus, since He has gone up there, and is in heaven for us, let us note that we need not fear to be in this world. It is true that we are subject to so much misery that our condition is pitiable, but at that we need neither be astonished nor confine our attention to ourselves. Thus, we look to our Head Who is already in heaven, and say, Although I am weak, there is Jesus Christ Who is powerful enough to make me stand upright. Although I am feeble, there is Jesus Christ who is my strength. Although I am full of miseries, Jesus Christ is in immortal glory and what He has will some time be given to me and I shall partake of all His benefits. Yes, the devil is called the price of this world. But what of it? Jesus Christ holds him in check for He is King

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