Terry Virgo on the Lakeland ‘revival’

Lakeland, Florida On my recent return from the Ukraine, an old friend called and lovingly enquired regarding my wife’s recovery from surgery but concluded with the question, ‘Have you heard about the revival?’ I had not and my caller began to tell me about the sudden outbreak of healing that was taking place in Lakeland, Florida, and mentioned that his pastor was about to fly there. I subsequently learned that CNN had broadcast that people were flying into Lakeland, Florida from all around the world because so many healings and miracles were taking place there and an ever-growing crowd was attending its daily meetings. I’d like to make one or two observations at this stage – not because I feel thoroughly qualified, since my personal knowledge is inevitably limited and I am therefore very cautious to speak ahead of time, but because many have asked what my thoughts are. Cautious negatives At a recent gathering of our UK Newfrontiers pastors

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Spirit-Inspired Preaching

By Terry Virgo In teaching the nations God’s requirement, it is vital that we do not simply impose new rules and regulations but bring God’s people to a new stance of grace and faith. This requires Spirit-inspired and empowered preaching and teaching that calls for and ignites a response in the hearers. Holy Spirit-inspired preaching brings about an encounter with God that demands a verdict and produces a changed life based on revelation, faith and love, not cold obedience to external rules. God’s flock will intuitively hear His voice and respond as truth is fed to them by called and anointed pastor/teachers. Gradually a culture of God-centredness will emerge characterised by worship, faith, grace, mercy, respect, service and the awareness of being an alien people whose fundamental citizenship lies elsewhere (Phi. 3:20). Shepherding love and care The shepherd’s ability to feed and be a channel of God’s grace will result in the gathering of a flock. The sheep gather to

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