Returning to Tanzania

Tomorrow I head for East Africa again. My current ministry in Tanzania is facilitating the formation of a Gospel Partnership among the pastors of Mbeya. Getting the central message of the bible right, and teaching and nurturing a gospel-centered koinonia into existance, is a wonderful privilege. There is great potential here to impact the nation for the Kingdom of God.

Romania tomorrow

Next ministry/missions trip is upon me. Tomorrow I fly to Bucharest and then head north to Focsani for a week of bible teaching and encouraging the churches. It’s been over 22 years since I visited Romania. I wonder if it has changed much? UPDATE: Last minute cancellation! My poorly travelling companion has been grounded due to ill health. So, everything is on hold. For the moment. The Lord knows! Proverbs 16:9  “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

Spain today!

Later today I fly with some OC friends to Malaga, in southern Spain. We’ll be in conference with our European teams for fellowship, encouragement, and strategic planning for the future. On Friday I then head west to speak at OC’s International Ministry Team’s annual retreat. It’s going to be warmer than the UK – any where’s warmer than the UK! FYI, below is a video clip explaining the beginnings of OC International.   UPDATE: Home again. A huge ‘thanks’ to my OC colleagues for making my time in Spain most memorable and encouraging. Great time with wonderful servants of God.

Tanzania Itinerary

I leave tomorrow for Mbeya, Tanzania: 8th – Arrive 9th – Addressing Mbeya Pastors Fellowship 10th – In the churches 11th – 13th Teaching at City Pastors Conference 14th -16th Teaching at Tukuyu Pastors Conference 17th Churches again 18th Fly to Dar Es Salaam 20th Home I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Praise God, he gives more grace. UPDATE: Home again. Possibly the most significant ministry trip, ever! A great privilege to be instrumental in the forming of a Gospel Partnership in Tanzania.

Teaching in Burma

It has been my privilege to lecture at a couple of Bible Colleges in Rangoon, Burma, during the last four years. I love being involved at a theological and pastoral level in preparing young aspiring leaders for ministry in and from the local church. This time I’ll be teaching on the Pastoral Epistles. These short letters by the apostle Paul teach into a Christian scene in the first century (not unlike our own), that is marked by doctrinal error and moral compromise. The only antidote is the Gospel; correctly understood, and skilfully applied, within the local church context specifically, and all of life generally. Particularly relevant for today, me thinks! Back in a couple of weeks. UPDATE: Home again after a wonderful time in Burma. In eleven days I delivered about 30 hours of bible teaching and preaching. The students and church members have an insatiable appetite for God’s word. “Exhausted, yet perusing!”

Tanzania Today!

I leave for Tanzania this morning to speak at a conference for pastors in Mbeya. These church leaders have formed a gospel partnership across the denominations in the 3rd largest city in Tanzania. What a joy and privilege to be teaching and serving brothers in Christ who love the gospel. May its God-glorifying transformative power be evident among us. UPDATE: Back home! Wonderful trip. Thanks to everyone who prayed. The week of conference ministry went very well. I expounded the book of Ephesians each morning, and then taught on related theological subjects in the afternoon. My aim was to introduce the benefits of consecutive expository preaching and teaching. Something quite new to these faithful pastors. Also to show them the connection between right biblical understanding and God-honouring Christian living. It is always a thrill to expound the gospel and to see the word begin to shape vision for a glorious local church. Hallelujah! I have now formed an official relationship with this

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There and back again

Thanks for your prayers, I’m now home from my recent trip to Burma. I had a busy schedule of preaching and teaching in the capital Yangon and some rural locations. There is a definite air of optimism abroad concerning the increasing openness of the military-dominated government to progress to a more democratic form of rule. Aung San Suu Kyi is as popular a heroine as you will find. So much of the hopes of the people rest with her leadership of the reforming democratic party. Time will tell. We should pray for her. But the real seat of government lies with King Jesus, and the real hope of Myanmar is in the gospel. Please do pay for for the word of God to make haste during this widening window of opportunity, and that wisdom will prevail over the overly zealous attempts of the well-meaning to ‘seize the day.’ From Open Doors: Burma transitioned to a new, semi-civilian government in March, stirring hopes

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Beirut Bound

Tomorrow I head out to Lebanon for a couple of weeks ministry. I’ll be teaching in a bible college and at least one church. I’m looking forward to sharing fellowship with my good friend Elie, a former Masters student with me several years ago. It’s only been six weeks, or so, since I started treatment for a DVT, and long-haul flights are not recommended within four months of diagnosis. So, two short-haul should be ok! I would nonetheless value prayer for myself and the family while I’m gone. Many thanks! Update: It’s now grown to preaching in four churches. Wonderful!

Home again!

Thank you for your prayers. This recent trip to Burma and Cambodia was a great blessing. The week teaching at the theological college in Yangon went really well, and the students seemed to get a good grasp of the book of Ephesians. My time in Burma also proved invaluable for making new friends and missions contacts. The highlight, undoubtedly, was my first time in Cambodia. I spent time in the capital, Pnom Penh, and the rural provinces ministering to the New Life network of churches. The congregations are very young; a reflection on the country’s troubled past. It was a great privilege to minister God’s word, particularly ‘the mercies of God’ from Paul’s letter to the Romans. God willing – Lebanon next!

Burma Bound Again

Just making last minute preparations for my next trip to Asia. This time I’ll be ministering in Cambodia too. Usual stuff: bible colleges and local churches. Making disciples through teaching believers all that Jesus commanded is the greatest privilege. You don’t have to travel to do that, of course, but I feel particularly called to help those in the poorer and persecuted regions of the world. My travel companion this time is a friend of many years standing, Pastor Simon Robinson (my son-in-law’s boss!). “And much grace was upon them all” is my fervent prayer. Back in a couple of weeks.

Great time in Yangon

Thank you for your prayers for my latest ministry trip to Burma. Apart from the obligatory tummy bug everything went extremely well. The students in both colleges received the word of God with wonderful enthusiasm and great intention to apply it to their lives and future ministries. The churches too received the teaching eagerly. What a joy to serve God’s worldwide family in Jesus. Next month it will be more of the same in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Grounded in Nairobi!

We were due to arrive home about now, after nearly six excellent weeks ministry in Rwanda. But, because of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, we’re stranded in Nairobi. There is no sign that flights will resume in the next few of days. Meanwhile, we’re staying in a nice hotel at the expense of British Airways. Well, at least for three days. I’ll keep you posted. While this life is full of contingency and unforeseen events, the Lord of the universe is in complete and loving control.

Rwanda here I come!

For the next five and a half weeks I’ll be ministering in Rwanda again. Teaching at one regional conference and six bible colleges. This will be a very special trip because for the last two weeks I’ll be joined by my wife Emma. Together we’ll be ministering to families on marriage and parenting etc. I hope to keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath. This is Africa! Thanks in advance for your prayers.