Dazzling the Eyes of Angels

Dane Ortlund: In his little book Saved by Grace on Ephesians 2:5 John Bunyan considers God’s ‘carriage’ toward sinful men and women. How does he come to us? In what heart? What is the look on his face, the tone of his voice? God comes to the sinner while he is in his sins; he comes to him now, not in the heat and fire of his jealousy, but in the cool of the day, in unspeakable gentleness, mercy, pity, and bowels of love: not clothing himself with vengeance, but in a way of entreaty, and meekly beseeches the sinner to be reconciled to him. It is expected among men that he who gives the offense should be the first in seeking peace; but, sinner, betwixt God and man it is not so. God is the first that seeks peace. O sinner, will you not open? Behold, God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ stand both at the door

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John Bunyan: “There is in Christ a fullness of all-sufficiency of all that which is needful to make us happy. . . . While we keep our eyes upon him, we never desire to change him for another, or to add to ourselves some other thing, together with him, to make up our spiritual joy. O the heart-attracting glory that is in Jesus Christ.” -John Bunyan, Come, and Welcome, to Jesus Christ, in The Works of John Bunyan(2 vols; Philadelphia: James Locken, 1832), 2:22; language slightly adapted (HT: Dane Ortlund)

“that will do it”

Pilgrim’s Progress and Defeating Sin: Prudence asked further, ‘Do you not still carry some of the baggage from the place you escaped?’ [Christian:] ‘Yes, but against my will. I still have within me some of the carnal thoughts that all my countrymen, as well as myself, were delighted with. Now all those things cause me to grieve. If I could master my own heart, I would choose never to think of those things again, but when I try only to think about those things that are best, those things that are worst creep back into my mind and behavior.’ ‘Don’t you find that sometimes you can defeat those evil things that at other times seem to defeat you?’ Prudence suggested. Christian answered, ‘Yes, it happens occasionally. They are golden hours that I treasure.’ ‘Can you remember the means by which you’re able occasionally to defeat the evil desires and thoughts that assail you?’ Christian said, ‘Yes. When I think about

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The Merit in One Drop of Christ’s Blood

From Justin Childers: Bunyan meditated on the marks of a person who is coming (has come) to Christ for salvation. I have taken the liberty to update the language where I thought it would help with readability. Do these things characterize your life? 1. Are you burdened with your sin, recognizing it as an exceedingly bitter thing? 2. Do you run from your sin as you would a deadly serpent? 3. Do you recognize and flee from the insufficiency of your own righteousness in the sight of God. 4. Do you cry to the Lord Jesus to save you? 5. Do you see more worth and merit in one drop of Christ’s blood to save you, than in all the sins of the world to condemn you? 6. Are you tender of sinning against Jesus? 7. Is Jesus’ name, person, and undertakings more precious to you than the glory of the world? 8. Is faith in Christ precious to you

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The Kiss and The Blood

After years of struggling, doubting, and searching, the darkness lifted for John Bunyan. Here is how he states it: “I remember that one day, as I was travelling into the country and musing on the wickedness and blasphemy of my heart, and considering of the enmity that was in me to God, that scripture came into my mind, He hath, ‘made peace through the blood of his cross.’ Col. 1:20. By which I was made to see, both again, and again, and again, that day, that God and my soul were friends by this blood; yea, I saw that the justice of God and my sinful soul could embrace and kiss each other through this blood. This was a good day to me; I hope I shall not forget it.” Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, pages 19-20 of volume 1 of Bunyan’s Works. Notice 2 things: -Bunyan was pondering the weight of his wickedness (when is the last

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