The Real Difference Between Sheep and Goats

Hayden Hefner: I love the music of Keith Green. I love the intense, heavy-handed piano. I love the wordy lyrics. I love that it’s so early-1980s. I love that it’s Jesus People-ish. I love its passion.  My dad originally introduced me to Green—often during our drives home from school. In my opinion, there is no better example of a Green song than “The Sheep and the Goats.” In this song, Green sings through Jesus’s parable in Matthew 25:31–46. In the passage, Jesus describes the final judgment of the world as a shepherd separating the righteous sheep from the unrighteous goats. The way the shepherd distinguishes between the two groups is by examining the sacrificial love they have shown toward the “least of these, my brothers” (Matt. 25:40, 45). Green stays remarkably close to the text. However, in the song’s last line, Green gives this final commentary on the passage: “And my friends, the only difference between the sheep and the goats, according to

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Marks of a True Christian

From Kevin DeYoung: How can you tell the difference between a true Christian and a false professor or heretic? Wilhelmus à Brakel in The Christian’s Reasonable Service (1700) lays down six propositions to get us started. Proposition1: A Christian must have a great love for the truth; all splendid pretense void of love for the truth is deceit. Proposition 2: A Christian must have great love and esteem for the church. Proposition 3: The Holy Scriptures are the only rule for doctrine and life. Proposition 4: Regeneration is the originating cause of spiritual life, and of all spiritual thoughts and deeds. Proposition 5: A Christian avails himself of faith. Proposition 6: All of man’s felicity, here and hereafter, consists in communion with and the beholding of God. To be sure, the list could be longer, but à Brakel is trying to warn against “Quietists,” “fanatics,” and “Boehmists” in particular. In any case, propositions 1 and 2 seem particularly relevant for our day. And proposition

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