Sam Storms on Life in the Spirit 2014

Sam Storms‘ impressions on this year’s Life in the Spirit Conference: I recently returned from a five-day ministry trip to England and would like to share a few observations on the spiritual condition of evangelicalism there. Since 2005 I have participated almost annually in the Life in the Spirit conference and have been blessed to serve on the leadership team with a number of like-minded believers. LITS was birthed over 30 years ago by a small group of men who had been greatly influenced by Martyn Lloyd-Jones, longtime senior pastor at Westminster Chapel in the heart of London. In fact, one of this year’s speakers was Greg Haslam, current lead pastor at the Chapel who succeeded R. T. Kendall in that role. LITS is not only a conference but an ever-growing, somewhat informal, network of Christians and churches who are committed to Reformed theology, complementarianism, and a continuationist view of spiritual gifts. There is also a strong emphasis on missional

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Life in the Spirit – 2011

For my UK readers a quick reminder about the forthcoming Life in the Spirit leaders conference. There are still a few places left. If you are interested in the faithful and inspiring exposition of Scripture, and value the powerful dynamic of the Holy Spirit, plus the rich fellowship of others in Church leadership, then this is a conference not to be missed. Click here for details and booking information.

FEBV – The Goal of the Gospel

Off to speak at the FEBV (Fellowship for Evangelising Britain’s Villages) annual conference. This year it is being held at Kings Park, Northampton. I shall be speaking on the ‘Goal of the Gospel.’ This evening we’ll be looking at the ‘Essential Elements of the Gospel’ from Galatians 1:3-5. Tomorrow, I shall present Jesus as the ‘Goal’ of the gospel. In other words, Jesus saves us for Jesus. We’ll also see how we can behold him now, full of grace and truth. Yes, you’ve guessed it, we behold him supremely in the gospel itself. Sunday I’ll be expounding Psalm 73, because heaven and earth has nothing we should desire besides him. Monday? I’m off to Africa!

Gospel Coalition Online

I want to take a minute to bring to your attention that The Gospel Coalition met this week and has made available the MP3’s from its conference. The speakers include John Piper, Tim Keller, D. A. Carson, Mark Driscoll, Lig Duncan, and many others.  Here’s the link to the audio from the 2009 Gospel Coalition messages. For those who are interested, Tim Challies has a succinct description of The Gospel Coalition. (HT: Denny Burk)

Mark Dever at Desiring God Pastors Conference

Abraham Piper blogs these helpful summaries of Mark Dever’s messages on evangelism at the DG Pastors’ Conference. 3 Reasons to Share the Gospel 1. A Desire to Be Obedient to God’s Commands Jesus commanded his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. That is exactly what the early disciples did. Paul spoke of a compulsion to share the gospel. To evangelize is to obey. In Acts 8:4, we see that those who had been scattered preached the gospel wherever they went. One of the clearest examples of evangelism being commanded is in 1 Peter 3, where Peter commands believers to “always be…prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” Our silence is not a matter of neutrality. You need to tell yourself that. Our silence is a matter of guilt and sin. Obedience is definitely a biblical reason to evangelize. 2. A Love for the Lost

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Desiring God Conference Resources

This page at DG has all the audio, video, and notes from everything at the conference. Here’s the video: Sinclair Ferguson – “The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing” Driscoll, Ferguson, Piper – Friday Panel Discussion Bob Kauflin – “Words of Wonder: What Happens When We Sing?” Mark Driscoll – “How Sharp the Edge: Christ, Controversy, and Cutting Words” Daniel Taylor – “The Life-Shaping Power of Story: God’s and Ours” Kauflin, Piper, Taylor, Tripp – Saturday Panel Discussion Paul Tripp – “War of Words: Getting to the Heart for God’s Sake” John Piper – “Is There Christian Eloquence? Clear Words and the Wonder of the Cross” (HT: Justin Taylor)

DG Conference: The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

If, like me, you can’t make it to the Desiring God National Conference this year, the next best thing (apart from listening to all the messages after the event!) is to feast on these video clips of this years speakers. There is plenty here to stimulate and edify. And make you wish you could be there! My thanks to Justin Taylor for posting these links. John Piper John Piper’s Topic John Piper on Why He Invited Sinclair Ferguson John Piper on Why He Invited Dan Taylor John Piper on Why He Invited Mark Driscoll John Piper on Why He Invited Paul Tripp John Piper on Why He Invited Bob Kauflin John Piper on the Importance of Conferences John Piper on Why He Chose This Topic Bob Kauflin Bob Kauflin: Should Christians Sing the Good News? Bob Kauflin on Singing and Preaching Bob Kauflin on Style of Music Bob Kauflin on Why Christians Sing Bob Kauflin: Does God Sing? Bob Kauflin

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T4G – Here I Come!

Next week I’ll be heading out to Louisville, Kentucky, for the T4G conference. This has been made possible by some good friends. To whom I’m very grateful! Many of my favourite preacher/teachers will be speaking. It’s a mouth watering prospect indeed, but more importantly I’m expecting it to be a life changing encounter. You can check out the titles of the sessions here. Here’s some highlights from the last conference in 2006. I’m also booked in for the Band of Bloggers luncheon. Should be fun!