Intellectual Discipleship? Faithful Thinking for Faithful Living

Albert Mohler: The biblical master narrative serves as a framework for the cognitive principles that allow the formation of an authentically Christian worldview. Many Christians rush to develop what they will call a “Christian worldview” by arranging isolated Christian truths, doctrines, and convictions in order to create formulas for Christian thinking. No doubt, this is a better approach than is found among so many believers who have very little concern for Christian thinking at all; but it is not enough. A robust and rich model of Christian thinking—the quality of thinking that culminates in a God-centered worldview—requires that we see all truth as interconnected. Ultimately, the systematic wholeness of truth can be traced to the fact that God is himself the author of all truth. Christianity is not a set of doctrines in the sense that a mechanic operates with a set of tools. Instead, Christianity is a comprehensive worldview and way of life that grows out of Christian reflection on the

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9 World-Tilting Truths

Trevin Wax:   The World-Tilting Gospel: Embracing a Biblical Worldview and Hanging on Tight  by Dan Phillip is a basic overview of a biblical worldview. It’s refreshingly God-centered (thus the world-tilting image) and offers a robust yet accessible look at major biblical truths. To top it off, Dan is fun to read. The book is long, but Dan’s writing style is punchy and memorable. Here is a quick summary of the 9 “world-tilting truths” that serve as a launching pad for the worldview put forth in Dan’s book: #1. Over Everything, God The truth of God’s absolute centrality is a wrecking ball to humanity’s constant desire to make ourselves the measure of all things. It dismantles the facade and proclaims the Godhood of God. It reminds us all of what we know deep down inside: We are creatures; we are not gods. We are not ultimate. God is God. #2. Sin Is a Massive, Universal, Nightmare Factor Men naturally minimize sin insofar as

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