The regeneration of all creation


Our renewal is tied to the eschatological renewal of the creation. We cannot separate our present spiritual regeneration from cosmic regeneration because our present restoration to life is the first stage in the eschatological restoration of all creation to its proper vitality and relationship to God. We are the firstfruits.

The goal of redemption is nothing less the restoration of the entire cosmos. The scope of redemption is truly cosmic. Through Christ, God determined ‘to reconcile to himself all things’ (Col 1:20). Matthew 19:28 speaks of the renewal (the word is ‘regeneration’) of all things. Acts 3:21 also indicates a cosmic regeneration when it says that Jesus must remain in heaven ‘until the time comes for God to restore everything.’

Why must God regenerate, give new life and direction to, all things? Because the entire creation has been drawn into the mutiny of the human race (Rom. 8:19–24). Because man’s fall affected not only himself but also the rest of creation, redemption must involve God’s entire creation.

— Michael D. Williams, Far as the Curse is Found(Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2005), 275-276

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Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on “The regeneration of all creation

  1. And of course all of creation is groaning, longing for the revealing of the sons of God. Which of course brings us to the created heavenly beings…. That fell. It has been on my mind lately that just as, in the book of John, Jesus prayed for us not to be taken from this world but to be with him where he was and see him in his restored glory, which glory he also gave to us so that we would love the fallen world and it would know that God loved them, he similarly, through the Revalation to John, speaks of a time of us being with him and ruling with him for a thousand years….after which the pit is opened. And the sons of God are revealed… to the fallen. How good is God and how completely does he RE-give this regenerated dominion to man over the earth. Don’t you know that you will judge the angles. The goodness of God leads to repentance. God did not make anything bad, in fact the opposite, he said it was good Six times and then he said it was very good. So, does he open the pit to torment men…. Or to have men…who have been with Jesus… love the fallen back to their GOOD created places. Is he really that good. Is the blood of Jesus really that powerful. Did he really conquer sin. Are ALL things made new.
    I am not talking about universal salvation. I believe in the choice to reject the free gift of perfection… Forever. Just like Adam made the choice to sin before there was a sin nature. I am asking if all of creation really has the possibility of regeneration. And if so, What is our part in it, in light of the dominion given man at creation, and the co-heir / co-reign we have as regenerate man in the risen Christ, and in light of the fact that we will judge the angels, and obliquely, given that through the church he is teaching the powers and authorities or principalities and rulers in the heavenlies his manifefold wisdom.

    So when you say all things, the entire cosmos, all creation, the rest of creation, the entire creation, and everything, restored to it proper vitality and relationship to God….. Do you really mean it?

    I want to believe he is that good. I want to believe that when the sons of God we’re gathered together and Satan was amoung them, and God asked him where he had been, that God longed for Satan to be restored to his created purpose. That he still knows the plans he has for the Angel of Light, even if Lucifer refuses to carry them out.

    Considering the gift I have in Christ’s suffering, blood, death, and resurrection, I know I should not begrudge his mercy to any other created being, and I know that none can pay for their own sin, but some how when confronted with THE enemey, I still find myself forgetting that while I was his enemy Christ died for me.

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