ZSDS 5th Annual Doctoral Colloquium



Away for a couple of weeks. Study!

ZSDS will be holding the fifth annual Doctoral Colloquim of Olivet University this September 7th to 14th. It’s to be at Olivet’s new western base, Riverside Campus in Southern California. The spacious campus, which formerly housed a technical school, is near Anza in Riverside County, southeast of Los Angeles and northeast of San Diego.

Unlike the previous colloquia, this one will feature three intensive seminars for the doctoral students. Each will meet for two hours daily for a week, and then be followed over the coming months by participating in online classrooms. The seminars are to be on Global Theology, Global Missiology, and Research Methods.

In the busy week, there are also to be eight general lectures, six by faculty (four of whom are coming over from Europe for the colloquium) and one each by a D.Min. [that’s me] and a Ph.D. student.

The colloquium sessions will close in Saturday with introductions to the three new institutes that Olivet has launced to function alongside and in cooperation with Zinzendorf.

For more Olivet University News visit www.olivetnews.com

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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