One With Christ



Selected quotes from One With Christ, by Marcus Johnson, compiled by Stephen Weaver:

“To be saved by Christ…means to be included in the person of Christ. That is what salvation is” (12)

The mysterious reality of our union with Jesus Christ, by which he dwells in us and we in him, is so utterly essential to the gospel that to obscure it inevitably leads to an obscuring of the gospel itself.” (16)

“For Paul, our intimate union with Christ has both legal and transformative benefits. We are both justified and sanctified ‘in Christ Jesus’ in a way that answers both our guilt and pollution in Adam.” (73)

“The theo-logic of the Reformation confession sola fide is not that faith itself is saving, but that faith joins us to Jesus Christ, who is our salvation. Thus, strictly speaking, we are not saved because we believe, but because we are united to Christ through faith.” (99)

“…by virtue of our union with Jesus Christ, we are incorporated into the (sin-bearing, guilt-negating, wrath-absorbing, death-defeating, curse-annulling) crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus Christ, through which our sins are forgiven and we are freed from the sentence of guilt, condemnation, and death which stood against us.” (103)

“Christ is uniquely our sanctification because in him alone the sanctification of our human nature has taken place by union with his divine life.” (119-120)

“Adoption is that benefit of being united with to the Son of God through which we share in his sonship with the Father, become the beloved children of God, and enjoy all the privileges and rights of being included in God’s family.” (147)

“To say that we are preserved in Christ means that once we have been joined to him, he continues to hold us close to him and promises to never let us go.” (170-171)

“As Christ dwells in us and as we are joined to him, we are at the same time the recipients of salvation and the ones who constitute his body, the church. We are the church precisely as we are joined to him for salvation.” (194)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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