“Even when we pray for the blessing of God’s own glory to rest upon us, we find the fulfillment not by thinking about ourselves but by looking to Jesus. Likeness to God’s beauty comes by reflection. We are conformed to his image as we look at the original. It is the Spirit-given vision of the beauty of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ that transforms us to share in thatbeauty.”

— Edmund P. Clowney Christian Meditation (Vancouver, BC: Regent College Publishing, 2002), 88

(HT: Of First Importance)


I am currently serving churches and colleges as a bible teacher, overseas and in the UK.

One thought on “Reflection

  1. Readers interested in meditation or reflection might like to look at
    Knowing Through Poetic Reflection ISBN 978-1-78003-617-5
    Where the author illustrates the use of creative writing as meditation on Scripture.

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