One thought on “Why Preaching Is Still Relevant

  1. Preaching: Two responsibilities.
    (From reading Tim Meadowcroft: The Message of The Word of God. 2011. IVP)

    There’s a two-way responsibility:
    Speakers’ language accessibility,
    And for listeners to make connection
    Rather than dismissive rejection.
    As we concentrate on the discourse flow,
    We are discerning if ‘these points’ are so.

    If you speak in an esoteric way,
    It’s hard to understand what you say.
    If you continue in communicating
    Ideas outside my understanding,
    If it’s not what I am experiencing,
    I’ll have impatience in listening.

    If you are telling me things I know,
    If there’s no relevance, or reframing
    My thinking, in your presentation’s flow,
    I’ll take no interest in your speaking.
    If your thought is incomprehensible,
    Then the message is less accessible.

    I need to listen for God speaking
    In your teaching and preaching.
    I need to search the scripture
    To check on mere conjecture.
    I need to reflect and to pray
    To apply truth in what you say.

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