Ordinary Pastors

Zack Eswine on Significance in the Ordinary from Crossway on Vimeo

You can read a review of Zack’s book, Sensing Jesus, here.

(HT: Justin Buzzard)


I am currently serving churches and colleges as a bible teacher, overseas and in the UK.

One thought on “Ordinary Pastors

  1. This is a sad story sensitively told.
    We pray for you Zack.

    Here are some thoughts about temptations of leadership.

    Male Leadership
    A meditation on Colossians chapter 3

    From seven deadly sins or more:
    Good Lord deliver us:

    From arrogance
    And competitive pride
    In our own ability,
    We’ll put on humility;

    From grasping greed
    And lust for power:
    I’ll practice gentleness
    Tolerance and kindness

    I’ll replace anger
    Malice and slander
    With forgiveness
    Patience and righteousness.

    Am I one who aspires
    To control my desires?
    Maybe I occasionally flirt
    When ladies are particularly pert.

    It’s true I exaggerate,
    Add spin at any rate
    The truth distorting,
    But avoiding blatant lying.

    My orthodox Biblicism
    Is beyond any criticism.
    My radical rationality
    Avoids sins of popularity

    I have an expectation
    Of a large congregation,
    Delegate the love and care
    To those more pastorally aware.

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