Jackie Hill’s Prophetic Poetry

Jackie Hill brings gospel truth to bear, and a call to repentance, through her prophetic poetry and corrects a generation of self-seeking slaves in the church. Real discernment and understanding here. Powerful! Preach it girl!


(HT: Timmy Brister)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

2 thoughts on “Jackie Hill’s Prophetic Poetry

  1. I have been composing a book on ‘Knowing Through Poetic Reflection.
    Chapter 3 Is ‘Poetry and Prophecy’ examining the relationship between the two, and questioning in what sense we might speak of poetry as prophetic.
    Hence my interest in these questions:
    -In what way might we claim Jackie’s stirring speech is ‘prophetic’, has a prophetic dimension?
    -Would such a claim stand up to New Testament reading?
    -How might we go about evaluating this prophecy?

    (Brian E. Wakeman)

    • Good questions Brian.
      I’m using the term in a general way. More in the way of forth-telling rather than foretelling. I don’t think Jackie’s poetry is prophecy, but it is prophetic in the sense of challenging/rebuking the spiritual status quo. Much in the same way of the OT prophets, and NT apostolic proclamation. More of a preach than the Spirit bringing something spontaneously to mind and sharing it. As is often said with great preaching (like Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, for example), the accuracy of analysing/diagnosing the problem (departure from the truth) and applying the truth-remedy, often to a nation or culture, determines whether a prophetic message is being heard. Whatever you call it, this girl has insight of both problem and remedy.

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