What Is Preaching?

Jonathan Parnell: The word for preaching in the New Testament (kērussō) means “to herald.” Heralding is different from teaching, as John Piper explains, though it has teaching in it. Expounding 2 Timothy 4:2, he demonstrates what it means:

[vimeo 47864673]


Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

4 thoughts on “What Is Preaching?

  1. Do check-out the NT words for ‘preach’.
    It’s not quite that straightforward:
    See New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology for a fuller description.

    • Hi Brian. The word itself, and the context of 2 Timothy, demands Piper’s interpretation. Just because the same word in english translates several Greek words doesn’t negate the specific definition. Clearly there are many ways to communicate God’s word (and we should encourage them all), but heralding is commanded in the context of the gathered church for worship. Preaching best captures the spirit of the word when God is not only addressing his people but demanding an obedient response. Sad to say, the current trend is to diminish this kind of communication, and replace it with less authoritative speech. I know great abuses have been perpetrated in the name of preaching, hence the emphasis here on getting it right.

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