One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. Some Easter meditations:

    “What are you men doing?
    That’s my ass you’re loosing!”.
    “The Lord has need of it.”,
    (So need for deposit!).
    They’d been told to say .
    Then they led him away.

    The ass carried our LORD
    As the prophet foretold.
    The palm branches were waved
    Large crowds cried to be saved:
    ‘Hosanna to the one,
    King David’s greater son’.

    But crowds soon change their ways
    Like Judas who betrays,
    Like Peter’s denial
    During our Lord’s trial.
    Crowds calling ‘Crucify’,
    They condemned him to die .

    The Garden…….

    ‘Could you not watch one hour?’
    ‘We’re tired Lord, and lack the power
    To both watch and to pray
    At this end of the day’.

    ‘Father, if it be possible
    Let this cup of suffering unbearable
    Pass from me. Nevertheless
    Your will be done: I’ll bear the stress’.

    ‘Lord though all others deny
    I’ll not desert when asked ‘Why?’.
    I’ll draw my sword
    Protect you my Lord’.

    The crowd came with clubs and silver to pay
    Judas, who with a kiss was to betray.
    Then they all deserted and fled.
    ‘I don’t know the man’, Peter said.

    The cock crew while the world slept.
    Jesus looked. Peter went out and wept.
    Darkness dawned, men mocked, the trials began.
    But in abandonment was a redeeming plan.


    No not re-incarnation, not mere resuscitation
    Remarkable though that would be;
    Not ‘living-on’ in future generations for all to see,
    But a real physical resurrection.

    Recognisable, but a glorious change;
    Not subject to death and decay
    Or mortal limitations in any way,
    With marks of this life but new and strange.

    Resurrection: but is it believable?
    Is it irrational? What’s the evidence
    Of probability on balance?
    Yes, beyond reasonable doubt, so acceptable!

    Many ‘convincing proofs, ‘alive’ :
    ‘Tekmerion’, Greek ‘proof beyond doubt’,
    An abundance of eye witnesses were about,
    Evidence too convincing to contrive!


    The sadness and weeping,
    Hopes dashed, faith fleeting:
    We thought he would redeem Israel
    But He lay still and pale.
    The women went to anoint our Messiah
    ‘He’s gone’ they said, so we ran to enquire
    Whether they were mistaken,
    Or the body had been taken.
    We found the tomb was empty
    Found the wrappings but no reality.
    The angelic being said, “He’s not here
    He has risen like He said, do not fear”.
    Mary weeping with love and grief
    Spoke to the Gardener she thought a thief.
    “Have they taken Him, where does He lie?”
    “Mary”, said Jesus. ‘Master’ was her reply.
    Some thought these stories a wishful tale
    Just female testimony or too much ale?
    But He appeared to us behind a locked door,
    Gave us His ‘peace’ and commissioned us for
    Offering forgiveness. But Thomas doubted
    Until Jesus came again, ‘My Lord and God’ he shouted.
    Jesus walked with two of our friends. It was in the Bread
    They recognised Him as they took in what He said.
    Peter went fishing, then met Jesus at a barbeque
    Was re-commissioned with new service in view.
    For several days He made plain
    What the Old Testament scriptures explain.
    “He was wounded for our transgression”
    “His sacrifice has made propitiation”.
    He led us to a mountain with amazing views
    “Go preach”, He said, “Tell the Good News”.
    “Make disciples from all nations
    “And I will be with you for all generations”.

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