There and back again

Thanks for your prayers, I’m now home from my recent trip to Burma. I had a busy schedule of preaching and teaching in the capital Yangon and some rural locations. There is a definite air of optimism abroad concerning the increasing openness of the military-dominated government to progress to a more democratic form of rule. Aung San Suu Kyi is as popular a heroine as you will find. So much of the hopes of the people rest with her leadership of the reforming democratic party. Time will tell. We should pray for her. But the real seat of government lies with King Jesus, and the real hope of Myanmar is in the gospel. Please do pay for for the word of God to make haste during this widening window of opportunity, and that wisdom will prevail over the overly zealous attempts of the well-meaning to ‘seize the day.’

From Open Doors:

Burma transitioned to a new, semi-civilian government in March, stirring hopes for significant change, including the re-admission of Aung San Suu Kyi into the political arena. A new Human Rights Commission was established in September, with minorities represented on it. It remains to be seen how independently it will operate. However, pressure on Christians from society and the military appears unchanged. There were several reports of the army harassing Christians of the Kachin tribe. In November a bomb killed 7 children and 3 Kachin people at an orphanage run by Christians.


  • For wisdom for a respected member of the Christian Kachin minority serving on the new Human Rights Commission
  • Hundreds of imprisoned political dissidents were released at the end of 2011, but at least 2,000 remain in prison. Pray for their release
  • That promised political reform will bring more freedom to Burma’s Christians.

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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