“Risk-Averse Christianity”

From Desiring God:

In this video, Alan Hirsch explains the danger of “risk-averse Christianity”

Also, check out these John Piper resources on risk and the gospel:

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on ““Risk-Averse Christianity”

  1. Cheering Mr Hirsch! Absolutely, passionately agree! In the parable of the talents, it was the guy who would take no risks and buried his talent who was judged.

    As local churches it is crucial that we work out how to model that willingness to step out and try things and risk. How can we encourage people to hear from God for themselves, get hold of the vision they receive, and take the risk and make it happen.

    I think the opportunity is often when someone comes along with an idea, a passion, a desire to do something. Our response will either communicate caution, distrust and risk aversion or passion, trust and adventure. We can’t expect people to take risks for the gospel if our local church culture is one of safety and precaution.

    Brilliant post! Thank you.

    Off out tonight to minister to some clubbers in our city centre (www.nightchurch.net). Having read your post, I’m praying for the grace to be bold….

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