I’ve got a DVT

Long-haul flights come with a cost. In more ways than one. I have just been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Probably as a result of a number of long journeys made to Africa and Asia several months ago. I have started the medication – injections of heparin into the midriff and the normal aural anti coagulant warfarin. These blood-thinning drugs will prevent any further clots forming, or moving around the body. Please pray that no complications occur during the treatment and that I’ll be mobile soon. In the initial stages of treatment it’s essential to get the anti-coagulants balanced just right. Lots of blood tests in the next couple of weeks. My next scheduled ministry trip is to a bible college and church in Beirut at the end of June. I’m hoping everything will be OK to travel. Grateful for your prayers.

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

7 thoughts on “I’ve got a DVT

  1. So sorry to hear your news….
    Physical problems, weakness and ill-health can be a body-blow to self-assurance.
    Faith can also be shaken……’if the foundations be destroyed..’.

    I am praying for you.



    Don’t be Afraid….

    Sent out like sheep among wolves
    Shrewd as snakes, innocent as doves,
    Be on your guard against men
    Who will hand you over, then
    Their Councils will flog you,
    On His account brought to
    The Governors and Kings
    As witness to these things.
    When arrested, don’t be afraid.
    The Spirit will prompt what is said.
    Brother will betray his brother.
    Families rebel against each other.
    Because of me men will hate you.
    Stand firm then you’ll be saved too.
    When persecuted then flee.
    A student will surely not be
    Above his teacher, or servant his master!
    Do not be afraid as in a disaster.
    All that is hidden or concealed
    Will be open, clearly revealed.
    Don’t fear those who can kill
    The body, but Him who will
    Destroy the soul in Hell…
    Sparrows are cheap to sell,
    But controlled by God’s will.
    Your hairs are numbered still,
    So do not be afraid, your worth
    Is greater than the birds of the Earth.
    When we acknowledge Him before men
    Jesus will acknowledge in Heaven.
    But whoever disowns before men
    He will disown in Heaven then.

    (A meditation on Matthew 10,16-32)

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