William Carey’s 11 commandments of missions

1.  Set an infinite value on immortal souls.

2.  Gain all the information you can about “the snares and delusions in which these heathens are held.”

3.  Abstain from all English manners which might increase prejudice against the gospel.

4.  Watch for all opportunities for doing good, even when you are tired and hot.

5.  Make Christ crucified the great subject of your preaching.

6.  Earn the people’s confidence by your friendship.

7.  Build up the souls that are gathered.

8.  Turn the work over to “the native brethren” as soon as possible.

9.  Work with all your might to translate the Bible into their languages.  Build schools to this end.

10.  Stay alert in prayer, wrestling with God until he “famish these idols and cause the heathen to experience the blessedness that is in Christ.”

11.  Give yourself totally to this glorious cause.  Surrender your time, gifts, strength, families, the very clothes you wear.

Listed in Christian History, Issue 36, page 34.

(HT: Ray Ortlund)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

2 thoughts on “William Carey’s 11 commandments of missions

  1. I found Timothy George’s book inspiring.

    See ‘Faithful Witness’: The Life and Mission of William Carey.
    1998 Chritian History Institute. SAMFORD Univ.USA.
    (companion volume to the film ‘Candle in the Dark’),

    The account of William Carey’s work is impressive: shoemaker, botanist, translator, preacher, factory manager, university professor. As I read the book I kept forgetting that he lived in the 18C.
    No wonder he is called the ‘Father of Modern Missions’.

    His fortitude and faith in crushing set-backs, his conviction of New Testament teaching about mission in the face of opposition from fellow Evangelicals, his exemplary work of translation, and holistic mission……. are all inspiring.



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