Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching

  1. Expository preaching identifies exactly what is at the heart of the Christian message
  2. Expository preaching requires that the shepherd concern himself with the intent of the Divine Author for every text.
  3. Expository preaching respects the integrity of the textual units given through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  4. Expository preaching keeps the pastor from riding his favourite hobby horses.
  5. Expository preaching requires the preacher to preach the difficult or obscure texts and challenging truths of the Bible.
  6. Expository preaching will encourage both pastor and students alike to become students of the Bible.
  7. Expository preaching gives us boldness in preaching for we are not expounding our own fallible views but the Word of God.
  8. Expository preaching gives confidence to the listener that what he is hearing is not the opinion of man but the Word of God.
  9. Expository preaching is of great assistance in sermon planning.
  10. Expository preaching provides the context for a long tenure in a particular place.

(HT: Matthew Harmon)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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