The Advantages of the Small Church

John Loftness identifies three specific advantages:

  1. Small forces you to focus on the fundamentals, but with flexibility.
  2. Small allows you to build one interconnected community.
  3. Small allows you to expand.

Here are few selected quotes from his message:

“What is a small church? I don’t think it is about numbers. I think it is about relationships. A small church is a church in which every member is able to participate personally with every other member.”

“My purpose is not to advocate for small churches or to label large churches as inherently bad. Both have their strengths and their weaknesses. I am here to address small church pastors. And here is my big point: In a large church the opportunity is excellence, but the challenge is relationships. In a small church the challenge is excellence, but the opportunity is relationships.”

“Small church pastor, my advice to you is to see that your church—by virtue of its size—has tremendous advantages that allow it to further Jesus’ mission in the world. You can build a God-glorifying, gospel-proclaiming community of interdependent people who bear fruit in the world for Jesus. You can do it with wonderful fruitfulness. You are in no way hindered from effectiveness because you are lacking in people or in certain qualities of excellence. Exploit your relational advantages. And in the meantime I would urge you to drop any program-driven, large-church-wannabe mentality that may be filling your dreams.”

Download and listen to the message here.

From CJ Mahaney’s blog.

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on “The Advantages of the Small Church

  1. So inspired by your blog post, I listened to the whole sermon. Excellent and inspiring message!
    I am somewhat amused, however, that ‘small’ in US terms seems to be around 200 members. Whereas most of us in the UK would not regard a church of over 100 as ‘small’.

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