Africa today with Watchmen. First Burundi, then Rwanda, then Uganda, and finally Ethiopia. Teaching, teaching, and more teaching! Love it! I can’t think of a greater privilege than making disciples of the Lord Jesus. Back in three weeks.

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on “Africa!

  1. Forgiveness

    ‘Graciously dealing’
    ‘Sending away’, ‘loosing’.
    God is merciful, gracious
    Long suffering,
    Abundant in goodness
    And truth
    Mercy keeping
    For thousands
    Iniquity forgiving
    Transgressions blotting
    Guilt and sin pardoning.
    A sacrifice atoning
    For the penitent confessing,
    Wrath assuaging
    At the .mercy seat propitiating:
    Jesus our ransom, redeeming
    His death substituting
    Representing and justifying
    To God reconciling.
    The Father initiating,
    The Son accomplishing
    The Spirit convicting
    Remission applying,
    As we too are forgiving
    Of those who are offending,
    Against us who are sinning

    “Oh the depth of the knowledge of the grace of our Lord”

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