Our great hope

“The great hope for Christians, the thing for which we long and to which we look for strength and encouragement, is the day when our King will part the skies and return to establish his glorious kingdom, finally and forever. That glorious moment is when everything in this world will be set right, when justice will finally be done, evil overthrown forever, and righteousness established once and for all.”

– Greg Gilbert, What is the Gospel? (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 2010), 91.

(HT Of First Importance)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on “Our great hope

  1. HOPE

    Not a ‘fond hope’ something just desired.
    Not a ‘hope against hope’, unlikely acquired,
    But a ‘living hope’ based on our Lord
    His death and resurrection, trustworthy word.

    Hope, not just a vague wish.
    Hope, not a ‘forlorn’ uncertain ‘ifish’,
    But steadfast and sure
    An anchor for the soul, secure.

    A hope of Heaven, of Paradise:
    Peace, no pain, fears, or vice.
    Then a New Heavens and Earth
    The Universe restored : new birth.

    We’ll meet our Lord, faith becoming sight
    Joining our loved ones to our delight;
    Unimagined possibility
    For service through eternity

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