4 thoughts on “Social Gospel vs Gospel Proclamation

  1. I enjoyed Todd’s short piece.
    The Lausanne Covenant, John Stott’s writings, and Peskett H. & Ramachandra’s ‘The Message of Mission’ take us further in understanding, as does H.Blamires ‘The Christian Mind’.

  2. The Gospel… a meditation

    Have evangelical preachers stripped
    The Gospel of its wider dimension
    Limiting it to personal salvation?
    What of ‘release to the captives
    Recovery of sight to the blind’,
    Or liberty to the oppressed in mind?
    What of the social and ethical
    Educational and medical:
    “Good News for the whole Creation”
    The Resurrection’s restoration!

    • Hi Brian,
      I think it’s helpful/necessary to differentiate between the gospel (the message of Christ’s substitution for sinners) for personal salvation, and the wider cosmic/social implications of redemption. Confusing these separate aspects of the atonement distorts the gospel to the detriment of personal salvation (witness the emergence of theological liberalism stripping the gospel of any meaning regarding justification/salvation) Caring for the poor, reaching out to the marginalized, taking responsibility for environmental issues, social/citizenship responsibilities are all important out-workings of the gospel for individuals/ministries, but in themselves are not the gospel. The main ministry of the church is the proclamation of the gospel, the message of Christ crucified for sin.

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