Counting the Cost of Sexual Immorality

From John Bloom at Desiring God:

It’s very important that we count the cost of sexual immorality before temptation hits. That’s the time for clear thinking. Temptation clouds our judgment. That’s why we pray “keep us from temptation.” Avoiding the fog by steering around it is much better than trying to navigate through it. Years ago, as a way to keep his head clear, Randy Alcorn created a list of the ways he would bring destruction into his life and others’ lives were he to give in to sexual immorality. A few months ago he posted it on his blog. It’s worth reading and adapting and reviewing regularly. Most battles are won in the planning and preparation stages. The same is true for the fight for purity.

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

2 thoughts on “Counting the Cost of Sexual Immorality

  1. I appreciate this list. It is making its way around the blogosphere lately. However, it still seems to me like it’s and outside-in approach. It is law. If I am a new creation in Christ, there should be something inside of me now that abhors sexual immorality, that shuns it, not because of the potential consequences (the list), but because there is something in my new nature that abhors the very thought of it.

  2. I agree Greg. The expulsive power of a greater affection is very important. But steps taken to ensure that Christ is sweeter than sin are not necessarily external impositions but the route to a deeper affection.

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