Son Centraility in Worship

These are wise and instructive words from Bryan Chapell’s new book, Christ-Centered Worship.

“The redemptive flow of biblical worship inevitably makes our liturgy Christ-centered. This does not mean that Christian worship diminishes the honor of any other member of the Trinity. God the Father makes our worship Christ-centered by redeeming us through the work of his Son, and giving the Spirit to testify of him. Because worship is a response to this witness of redemption, the grace God provides through his Son is the thread that sews the service together. We do not gather simply to extol some attribute of God or to reflect the relationships of the Trinity. We do not gather merely to confess our sin. Our shame would destroy us, if his grace did not provide our pardon. We do not worship only to learn our obligations. God’s law would be our death, if the Lamb had not been slain for us. Christian worship inevitably makes Christ’s work its central theme.”

page 113.

(HT: Justin Childers)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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