Why We Love the Church

A couple of advance blurbs for Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck’s next book, Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion (due out at the end of the month):

Well, they’ve done it again. The two guys who should be emergent, but aren’t, have followed up their first best seller with what I hope and pray will be a second. In Why We Love the Church DeYoung and Kluck have given us a penetrating critique of church-less Christianity and a theologically rigorous, thoroughly biblical, occasionally hilarious, but equally serious defense of the centrality of the church in God’s redemptive purpose. In spite of her obvious flaws, DeYoung and Kluck really do love the church, because they love the Christ whose body it is. You don’t have to agree with everything they say to appreciate and profit from this superbly written and carefully constructed book. This is a great read and I recommend it with unbridled enthusiasm.
Sam Storms, senior pastor, Bridgway Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for reality, authenticity, and honesty, you’ve found it in this book. Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck, shrewd observers and faithful practitioners, have once again written a book that is like the best of foods—good tasting and good for you. Their style is easy, creative, and funny. They are theologically faithful, fresh, and insightful. They are sympathetic with many concerns and even objections to much in the church today, yet are finally defensive, in the best sense of the word. They are careful critics of the too-popular critics of the church. They are lovers of Christ and His church. I pray this book will help you love Christ’s church better, too.
Mark Dever, author of 9 Marks of a Healthy Church

(HT: Justin Taylor)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

One thought on “Why We Love the Church

  1. I will read it, but from those reviews it sounds like they are trying to defend the institutional church against those who don’t want church at all – in any form. Most of us “emerhgents” desire the church, just not the institutional one. We desire the true body of Christ, not a building where a performance takes place. I’ll be interested to see if they mention any of Frank Viola’s extensive work on the subject. Viola gives some of the best insight into what those of us who are not happy with the institutional church desire, the way the early churches functioned, and how things have changed up until today.

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