I Have Seen the Lord

This week’s sermon from John Piper: “I Have Seen the Lord

john-piper3A generation ago, resurrection was the crux of Christian faith. If you believed Jesus was raised, you were a Christian. If you didn’t accept the resurrection, you essentially abandoned the rest of the faith.

But the idols are different today. The idol of modernistic certainty is giving way to the idol of subjective usefulness. “If believing in the resurrection is beneficial for you, then fine; just don’t push it on me.”

But the gospel cuts against the grains of both modern and postmodern thinking. The resurrection is more than a historical question and its implications will one day matter to you, whether you feel the personal relevance today or not.

God designed that we would “see” the truth of the resurrection 20 centuries later through the inspired testimony of those who talked to, touched, and interacted with the resurrected Jesus. Their witness in the New Testament becomes a kind of window through which, by faith and the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to see the resurrected Jesus—and join with Mary on Easter Sunday in saying, “I have seen the Lord.”

(HT: David Mathis)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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