Are you gospel-driven?

John Fonville posts an excellent article by Miles McKee. Here’s the conclusion:

Would you like to know whether or not you are gospel driven? To find out, ask yourself these following questions.

With which are you absorbed? (Answer A or B)

1 (A) your personal righteousness,
(B) The vicarious righteousness of Christ?

2 (A) the condition of your faith
(B) Christ’s faithful obedience on your behalf?

3 (A) your self-crucifixion
(B) His crucifixion?

4 (A) your new life
(B) His sinless life?

5 (A) your experience of Christ
(B) His experience for you?

6 (A) your love for God
(B) His love for you?

7 (A) The depth of your personal surrender
(B) The depth of Christ’s personal surrender?

8 (A) Your victorious life
(B) His victorious life on your behalf?

9 (A) Your attainment
(B) His atonement?

10 (A) The work of the Spirit in you
(B) the work of Christ for you?

If you answered “B” in all 10 questions, you have a grasp of the gospel, but better yet, the gospel has a grasp of you.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!


I am currently serving churches and colleges as a bible teacher, overseas and in the UK.

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