The regeneration of all creation

I’m off to Uganda in a few days for two weeks teaching ministry. This is the book I’m taking with me. Here’s a great quote from it:

51bxyd2ax0l_ss500_“Our renewal is tied to the eschatological renewal of the creation. We cannot separate our present spiritual regeneration from cosmic regeneration because our present restoration to life is the first stage in the eschatological restoration of all creation to its proper vitality and relationship to God. We are the firstfruits.

The goal of redemption is nothing less the restoration of the entire cosmos. The scope of redemption is truly cosmic. Through Christ, God determined ‘to reconcile to himself all things’ (Col 1:20). Matthew 19:28 speaks of the renewal (the word is ‘regeneration’) of all things. Acts 3:21 also indicates a cosmic regeneration when it says that Jesus must remain in heaven ‘until the time comes for God to restore everything.’

Why must God regenerate, give new life and direction to, all things? Because the entire creation has been drawn into the mutiny of the human race (Rom. 8:19-24). Because man’s fall affected not only himself but also the rest of creation, redemption must involve God’s entire creation.”

—Michael D. Williams, Far as the Curse is Found (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed, 2005), 275-276

(HT: Of First Importance)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

2 thoughts on “The regeneration of all creation

  1. Isaac,
    Believers are regenerate now, and are the firstfruits of cosmic renewal promised at the return of Christ.

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