5 areas that Liberal theology corrupts

Liberalism: Ancient and Post-Modern

1. In relation to the church

Even though its ideas originate outside the church, it seeks to remain within the church even as it actively redefines the faith.

Even though it is antithetical to historic orthodoxy it entrenches itself in the church by accusing opponents of not displaying the Christian virtues of love, peace and a concern for unity. It confuses the priorities of churches by attacking the weak point of a perceived lack of love, whilst showing no love for the Church or world by perverting the gospel.

2. In relation to the truth

It quickly kills essential doctrinal affirmations but avoids detection by the use of pietistic language and behaviour. Even though decisive steps are taken to destroy orthodoxy, the effect of those decisions are revealed through a slow process of decay because they are masked by pseudo-piety.

It claims to be intellectually honest but is anything but when it comes to occupying teaching positions in seminaries and churches.

3. In relation to confessions of faith

It dresses up new ideas in old language. Older confessions are relativized as expressing Christian experience in historically bound forms. Confessional language is thereby retained but is reinterpreted for today.

4. In relation to money

It takes hold of institutions and endowments belonging to orthodox groups and claims them by a process of reinterpreting statements of faith.

5. In relation to evangelism

It cannot produce offspring. It grows by corrupting the good, feeding off host bodies, and by appealing to the disaffected.

(HT: Against Heresies)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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