Lloyd-Jones on Gifts

In Romans – Exposition of Chapter 12, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes:

I find it almost laughable that people should say that they do not see any evidence of the gifts today. It means, of course, that they are only thinking of speaking in tongues or of prophecy or of miracles … We are entitled, therefore, to argue that if some of these gifts have been in evidence throughout the history of the church and are still here, then why not all of them?

Then speaking of prophecy specifically:

But perhaps the best way of reaching a definition is to ask; what is the difference between prophecy on the one hand and preaching and teaching on the other? Because there is a difference. And I would say that the difference is one word. Immediacy. And this means that a word is given to people and comes to them. Now preaching and teaching are not like that. A preacher and teacher is a man who takes time to study, he takes time to think, to prepare; he arranges his material and gives it order and system. A preacher and teacher should not enter into the pulpit without any preparation and trust to the inspiration of the moment.

What then is the gift of prophecy? Well I would define it as a direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit. What for? Its purpose is to give a word from God or the Word of God to the Church. Prophecy is the inspired delivery of warning, exhortation, instruction, judging and making manifest the secrets of the heart. Someone who makes a prophecy has been given this gift of passing on, as it were, a word from God to the church and to individuals in the church.

(HT: Rick Ianniello)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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