Beholding the Glory!

Beholding the ‘glory’ is not as mystical as some would suppose. Every time we see Jesus Christ in the Scriptures, we are beholding the ‘glory’. (See John 1:14; 2Cor.4:4,6; Heb.1:3) I love this piece from Erik Raymond:

1 Peter 1:8 and though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory,

Peter’s readers had not seen the Lord Jesus with their natural eyes, however, they saw him with the eyes of faith…for the text says, “you love him”. The world around them was wondering how they would renounce all things visible for that which is unseen. However, they believe, they see, they love.

How good and encouraging is it for you Christian to know that you have a lineage of spiritual ancestors who like you have not seen the Lord Jesus with the literal eyes but you have seen him through the eyes of faith, a vision produced and inflamed by the Holy Spirit through the pages of Scriptures and demonstrated in great power in your own life.

This is one of the chief distinguishing marks of genuine Christianity. One may be able to fake their conversion by masking it with service, attendance, generous giving, or morality; but no hypocrite can muster up sustained love for the one who will one day unmask the hypocrisy…no, genuine love for Jesus is Christianity.

Here are some ways in which we have seen him and so therefore, we love him:

-we have seen him humble himself to adorn himself with flesh

-we have seen him submit to his earthly parents, whom he created

-we have seen him call rugged fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, murdererers, and demon possessed men to follow him

-we have seen him touch lepers and heal them

-we have seen him feed thousands

-we have seen him walk upon the water

-we have seen him stare the devil and all of his temptations in the eye without giving in

-we have seen him calm the storm upon Galilee

-we have seen him pray…sometimes all night long

-we have seen him sing with his disciples

-we have seen him endure mockings, ridicule, and persecution…when he deserved none of it

-we have seen him march with such heavenly resolve to Jerusalem, knowing he would die

-we have seen him sweat drops of blood as he contemplated bearing our sin

-we have seen him beaten by religious leaders…but without reviling in return, only entrusting himself to a faithful creator

-we have seen him with a shredded back, carry his cross to the point of collapse

-we have seen him pray upon the cross while he was drinking the unmitigated, undiluted cup of divine wrath for us

-we have seen him hoisted up, suspended above the earth, as the exclusive Savior of the world

-we have seen him entreat sinners unto himself while upon the cross

-we have seen him declare it is finished, as he drank damnation dry

-we have seen him die upon Calvary’s tree

-we have seen him raise from the grave victorious over sin, death, and Satan

-we have seen him ascend to the Father

-we have seen him extend his hand to us in the gospel

-we have seen him welcome us to his chest, that we might, like that beloved apostle, hear his heart beat

-we have seen him stand between us and the Father as our Mediator

-we have seen him continue to pray incessantly as our great High Priest

-we have seen him through enlightened eyes…and we love him…we love him….for he is lovely!!

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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