‘Behold and Wonder’

Reader, behold and wonder! There was one
Obliged to his Prince, and Him alone
In all the bonds which duty, gratitude,
Or love could fasten; such as might exclude
All thoughts of a defection; this man
Breaks all; rebels against his Sovereign;
He flies, is apprehended, sentenced, cast,
And die he must; the final sentence passed
Knows no reversal. Lo, in that very now,
Wherein the offender waits his fatal blow,
The injured Lord doth substitute his own—
His own son— into the prisoner’s room,
Who takes the blow due to the traitor, dies,
The traitor’s punishment to satisfy.
The case is mine and thine; by all the bands
Of nature, love and covenant, we stand
Engaged to Almighty God; we fell
From that allegiance when we did rebel
Against His law in Adam; by that law
We were condemned to die; no help we saw,
Or hope of rescue; then did His Majesty
Unveil that admirable mistery
Of our redemption; the Eternal Son
Of the eternal God decends, becomes
Man for our sake, and in our stead doth stand,
And intercepteth from his Father’s hand,
That stroke that was our due, becomes the price
Of our redemption and our sacrifice.

By: by Matthew Hale (1609-1676)

(HT: The Thirsty Theologian)

Peter serves as a pastor-teacher, at home and abroad, resourcing gospel-centred communities.

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